Welcome to Chalk Farm

Chalk Farm is a residential hamlet of seven houses on one corner of Wheatland Vegetable Farms in Loudoun County, Virginia. The building lots and houses occupy about two acres, surrounded by eight acres of common open space owned and managed by the residents. The remaining fifty contiguous acres of the farm are under permanent conservation easement.

The hamlet is being developed by Chip and Susan Planck, who have owned and operated Wheatland Vegetable Farms since 1979. We hope to attract as buyers a mix of ages, occupations, and household types who want to be near a preserved working farm and perhaps have practical interests of their own that can be realized on the common hamlet acreage.

The lots are recorded, drainage and internal road work complete, wells dug, and drain fields sited. They will be sold with house plans specified to assure architectural congruence in such a tight community. Houses will be from three to four bedrooms, and range from 1800 to 2000 square feet. Their design and placement on the lots will maximize passive solar benefit and suit them for optional active solar installations. Geo-thermal heating and cooling will also be an option.

It is our intention that the relatively simple plans, limited customization choices, and use of a single builder will yield construction savings that can be devoted to the use of high quality, durable materials.

Most of the lots have space for a one story, free-standing accessory dwelling. These will be 400 square feet, with kitchen, bath, and separate bedroom. A full basement and sleeping loft are options. They may serve as an in-law apartment, studio, office, or rental to outsiders. The cottages will add architectural and social diversity, and income opportunities, to the community.

Each lot will have four parking spaces. A two car garage located on the allocated parking space is an option. Garages may have an apartment above.

We and our builder estimated in fall, 2010, that the cost of a lot, 3BR, 2 BA house with 2 car garage, and use of 8 acres of open space, would be around $425,000.

The ordinance regulating the hamlet permits agricultural and recreational uses in the common open space, including accessory facilities like barns, stables, tennis courts, pools, and gardening sheds. The residents may wish to design and build a community building for social gatherings and storage.

A homeowners association will regulate use of the common area and maintain joint infrastructure such as the private entrance road and any community structures.