Common Areas

The Loudoun County hamlet ordinance allows owners of Lots 1-7 recreational and agricultural uses in the open space.

These owners are responsible for the upkeep of Cobbett Lane and the eight acres of common open space, including mowing, snow removal, road gravel replacement, and maintenance of any common facilities added in the open space.

Yearly dues for each owner of lots 1-7 are initially set at $600, with $150 due quarterly.  Dues assessments may be raised or lowered by the lot owners as they match goals with costs.

Owners of Lots 1-7 and Lots 8-9 together constitute the Chalk Farm Commons Association. Budget and maintenance decisions made by owners of Lots 1-7 are arrived at solely by the owners of Lots 1-7.  Budget and maintenance decisions made by owners of Lots 8-9 are arrived at solely by owners of Lots 8-9.   No coordination between the two groups is required.

Chalk Farm Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions, under which the Commons Association operates, and a list of open space uses allowed by the Loudoun County Hamlet Ordinance, may be obtained from realtor Christy Hertel.