Chalk Farm site on Cobbett Lane, looking southwest.

Chalk Farm aerial









Seven lots and eight acres of common open space.

Lots 1-7 (1/4 to 1/3 acre each) are shown in dark green, clustered on circular Cobbett Lane, with John Wolford Road on the north. Sited buildings are shown in red.

The house model, Morrisonville, with its side wing, is sited on Lots 1, 3, 4, and 6. The house model, Hillsboro, with a rear wing, is sited on Lots 2, 5, and 7. On this plat, the optional cottage is shown where a two-car garage is likely to be sited. Lots 1 and 4 could accommodate both a garage and a cottage.

The driveways, tan on this plat, show required parking for four vehicles. The optional two-car garage or 1 1/2 story garage with loft apartment would likely be sited near where the cottage is shown on this plat. With choice of garage, only two additional parking spaces are required.   Lots 1 and 4 could accommodate both a garage and a cottage.

Eight acres of common open space, belonging to the owners of the seven lots, are shown in medium green. Dotted-line rectangles indicate approved sites for conventional drain fields (3-5 BR each).  Dotted-line circles show drilled wells (30-100 GPM each). Road work, utility sleeves, and drainage engineering have been completed. The light green area on the south and east is part of Conservancy Lot 9.


Chalk Farm and neighboring farms.


Colored Corrected Neighbor map


Chalk Farm, shown at center,  is located on 400 acres of land bordered by Berlin Turnpike on the east, and Purcellville Road on the west.

Lot 8 (10 acres) and Lot 9 (40 acres) are hamlet conservancy lots on Planck Lane.  Each lot has an existing house and outbuildings, and has no further development rights.  Conservation easements on these lots are held by Loudoun County.